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 In this laboratory, we have researched on production of natural high functional biopolymer which can be applied to coating, film, capsule and molding with 17 researchers (1 of research professor, 1 of Post-doctoral course, 5 of Ph.D. candidates and 10 of master’s course students). We also analyze properties of biopolymers such as gas permeability and mechanical characteristics and study property modification. By using the film formation property of biopolymer, our on-going researches are


1) Development of high functional film and coating agent

2) Production of anti-microbial film

3) Production of degradable plastic

4) High functional capsule (lactic acid bacteria, vitamin, anti-microbial agent, vaccine, gene, etc.)

5) Production of Nano-capsule

6) Mass production of biopolymer and establishment of property modification system

7) Development of molecular weight modulation process of biopolymer and production of application product

8) Study of measurement and mathematical model of gas permeability and prediction of gas permeability      rate in packaging system


 We will do our best to be one of the best laboratories in Biopolymers Engineering Research area in the world. It will be greatly appreciated for having many valuable comments and suggestions from all of you.


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